Tahmela Six “Mount” first press: Sold Out!

We’re thrilled to announce that the initial 300 copies of Tahmela Six’s debut album, “Mount,” have sold out faster than expected! Fear not! Due to popular demand, we’ve taken the initiative to press an additional 200 copies. The second batch will be available in late August, so mark your calendars!

“Mount” is also widely available on streaming platforms like Spotify and Tidal. If you’d like to purchase a digital copy, visit for example our Bandcamp site: HERE!

Antti delivering the Mount to Misha Panfilov.

Check these stores for any remaining vinyls from the first pressing:

Finland: Sammakka Pop, Laukontorin Antikvariaatti, Swamp Music, Levykauppa Äx, Keltainen Jäänsärkijä, Pertin Valinta, Fresh Garbage, 8raita, Round Sound, Alfa Antikva – Available soon: Eronen & Digelius

Sweden: Record Mania, Djungel & Jazz

Estonia: Psühhoteek, Biit Me, Dogz Recordz – Available soon: RR Gems

Latvia: Plates.lv, Down Street

Also you can inquire directly from the great artists when you see them live! Like 1.8.2024 here in Tampere at the Kaikki on Jazzia event!

Tahmela Six vinyl is here!

The long-awaited Tahmela Six vinyl is finally here! Another round of huge thanks for helping to materialize this fantastic Tahmela Six music into physical form goes to Stiina Lampio for the album artwork and Jon Thureson for the layout. Local poet J.K. Ihalainen for the liner notes & Arsi Keva from Ultraääni Records for the hype sticker. Helsingin Levypuristamo did an excellent job pressing the vinyl, and the one and only, always top-tier master record carver, Timmion Cutting!

Get yours online! – EU, UK, USA+Canada & contact for shipping further:
Mustik Motel Webshop & Mustik Motel Bandcamp

Local record stores in Tampere (FI): Sammakka-pop, Swamp Music & Levykauppa-X
Selected record stores in Turku (FI) & Helsinki (FI) coming soon, follow our social media for updates!

Also, handful of records are on the way to Stockholm (SE), Tallinn (EE), Riga (LV) and Tarto (EE) along our summer travels. Contact us for details!

Tahmela Six’s album ‘Mount’ is out!

The album has now been released, and we are smiling proudly together with the band members! It has been a very pleasant journey working together and preparing everything for you to enjoy. Last Saturday, we had the first public listening event for the album, and we were relieved by the crowd’s warm, welcoming applause that the album received. All the applause was for a very good reason! Listen to the album ‘Mount’ HERE!

The vinyl is coming in a few weeks – follow our social media for updates!

We raffled off two test pressings. One at the listening event—congratulations to Arto for taking it home. Another test pressing was raffled off today to celebrate the release. Congratulations to Santeri!

Tahmela Six forthcoming album listening party

On June 15th, the Kaikki on Jazzia evening at Laterna will kick off with the Tahmela Six exclusive album listening event for ‘Mount’! Join us early, participants who also subscribe to Mustik Motel’s newsletter will automatically be entered into a raffle for a Tahmela Six vinyl test press!

Check details (in Finnish) at Laterna web page: Kaikki on jazzia: Hot Heros + DJ Ardelicious – Laterna
Facebook event: Kaikki on jazzia: HOT HEROS + DJ Ardelicious | Facebook

Join us to see live on this evening:
Sami Sippola : tenor saxophone
Ville Rauhala : upright bass
Affe Forsman : drums

UPDATE: 6.6.2024: We’ve decided to raffle not one but two vinyl test press! In order to join for the first raffle, come join us to the listening event on 15th of June at Laterna and signup to our newsletter on spot. Second raffle is open for everyone who joins our newsletter and the second raffle will be held on release date 17th of June. Tip your friends too to join our newsletter and good luck!

Tahmela Six interview on Radio Soho Tampere

For our Finnish friends, here’s an interview by DJ Jukola on Radio Soho Tampere 1.6.2024!

The interview has a chat about the session, what it is like to prepare and play free flowing music and of course share bits and pieces of the forthcoming album!

Cat of the Paju out on 31.5.2024!

First single from the forthcoming Tahmela Six album is almost here!

Cat of The Paju unveils the beautiful and deep sound of Tahmela Six and their forthcoming album. The willow grows near the water, bending, never breaking and blossoms as a wild furry cat, spreading its seed around the world. Surrender to hear the willow flute and feel the tickle of the nose.

Available across all major audio streaming platforms on the release date. Spotify Pre-Save here!

Read more about Tahmela Six here! Read more about our fresh label Mustik Motel Music here!

Introducing Tahmela Six

Six visionary souls who weave intricate tapestries of sound. Tahmela Six is a perpetual rebirth – a free-flowing session that taps into the very pulse of existence.

Through the heart of Finland’s ancient woodlands, the music drinks from babbling creeks and listens to the whispering forest. Roots stretching across the time and globe from the land of midnight sun all the way to the streets of 1965 New York city.

For some time, audio engineer Jarno Alho had an idea cooking in his head. As a music lover the idea was to organise and record a free jazz session. Curious to see and hear the session from the very beginning till end while recording the moment. Finally in late 2023 he and the well-known local drummer Janne Tuomi met at lunch to figure out a list of players for the session. They came up with satisfying names from Helsinki, Tampere and Turku who all happened to agree to take part!

The session was agreed to happen right after Christmas Eve 2023. During the darkest and coldest time of the year. Location was chosen to be one of the beautiful old Villa’s around Tampere, Tahmela Villa by the lake Pyhä. The session was a success and magic indeed happened as we all can hear from the recording. This was the birth of Tahmela Six and the album Mount.

EERO SAVELA, trumpet
OTTO ESKELINEN, alto sax, flute, shakuhachi
SAMI SIPPOLA, tenor sax

Meet the Team!

We are very excited to introduce Mustik Motel Music, an independent label dedicated to exploring melody, harmony and rhythm. World is our village where jazz is the common language, join us!

Who We Are

Antti Kujala aka. DJ Jukola

I’ve always been very driven finding new records and artists!. Two decades of DJing and hosting radio shows has been a great tool for sharing all the interesting cats. The label is giving new ways to share my passion, great music!

Jarno Alho aka. Alho Audio Mastering

I’ve spent over two decades immersed in sound projects – recording, mixing, and mastering. Hydrophones led me to explore submarine listening. But wait, there’s more! I’m also a kitchen maestro. Music fuels my strength, and coffee sparks inspiration!

Our Thing

Authenticity. We celebrate raw talent, imperfections, and the magic of live recordings. Our artists are storytellers, and their music speaks to your soul. We trust the physical format but do not overlook digital. Music is at its best when shared!

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